Tembria Server Monitor, Windows, Linux and Enterprise Monitoring
Tembria Server Monitor

Tembria Server Monitor is an easy to use agentless monitoring solution.   Tembria Server Monitor is available in 3 editions, Workgroup, Corporate, and Enterprise and includes more than 48 types of event monitors, however, that number varies depending on which edition you’ve purchased.

A Top Windows Server Monitor

Tembria Server Monitor includes basic pinging and TCP port checking, file system checking such as drive space, file presence, change in size, modification, directory size, directory file counts, and shared folders.

Availability testing for DNS, HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, and telnet is included with all three editions.  For Windows monitoring,  there is a system health event monitor for CPU, memory, disk and bandwidth,  an additional CPU usage monitor for detecting CPU hogs, a Windows event log monitor and a Windows service event monitor.  In addition, performance counter and registry events can be monitored. Tembria Server Monitor is versatile!

Not Just a Server Monitor!

One very useful monitor for web site administrators is the SSL certificate monitor, it checks your site and warns you if SSL certificates are about to expire.  So never get caught with out of date certificates again!

Additional Windows monitors for IIS, SQL Server, Windows updates and Terminal Server are also included.  Other monitoring for Oracle and Linux round off the monitors included with the basic Workgroup edition.  If you require custom monitoring with VBScript, Powershell, JScript or PerlScript you will need to purchase the Corporate edition.  For Enterprise environments, additional monitoring for Active Directory, Exchange Server and SNMP are included.

Server Monitor Resources

Website: Tembria Server Monitor

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