TCP Ping

Have you ever wanted to use RDP to access a remote server, you start pinging it and it is responding to pings but you still can’t access it?

Just because a server is up, doesn’t mean all the services have started.

Download TCPing.exe, a free tool available for download here, TCPing to TCP ping over any port.

Some monitoring tools such as Nagios and NMap have this feature available, but if you don’t have those in place and are looking for a quick hitter way to get this done, then checkout this tool.


TCP Ping

tcping.exe Address Port

Ping the RDP port on server
tping.exe 3389

TCP Ping Features

  • Ping continuously
  • Ping for a set number of times
  • Wait x milliseconds for a response
  • Enable Beeps
  • Include date and time
  • See website for full listHTTP Features
  • Use POST or GETFor more Windows Server Monitoring tools, take a look at 5 Powerful Server Monitoring Tools

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