A Server Monitor with Style

Like most System Administrators these days, your company probably has more than one location with servers, routers, printers and desktops to monitor. You probably want a monitoring solution that is easy to install, reliable and scalable. You definitely want to see alerts and incident details any time and anywhere using your smart phone. And you probably have a boss or two that would like some slick management reports and maybe an operations center that needs a real time view of server and network problems. If this sounds familiar then I suggest you download and install a free trial of PA Server Monitor today and try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

PA Server Monitor really shines as a robust enterprise class monitoring tool. Its abilities include

  • Monitoring server metrics such as CPU, memory, disk space, network usage
  • Monitoring server state by examining log files, changed files and directories and web page content
  • Network availability including FTP, TCP port response, ping response times
  • Server and Room temperature monitoring
  • Application server monitoring for mail servers, FTP servers and Citrix servers
  • Version 5 (in beta currently) adds some additional impressive enterprise level features including:
    • Access Control
    • Fail Over
    • ESX Host Monitoring
    • Basic Inventory
    • Network map
    • For the complete list, take a look at the beta page

Monitoring for your LAN and WAN

Power Admin Server Monitor

With PA Server Monitor, you can monitor all your remote sites without any complicated VPN setups. The satellite monitoring service can be installed at a remote location where it will monitor itself and other devices in the same location and then send the data back to the central monitoring server via SSL encrypted HTTP. No complicated VPNs to setup.
PA Server Monitor is agentless, so for a Systems Administrator, that means no updates to deploy to hundreds or thousands of devices and no drain on your server resources.

Monitoring from your Phone

PA Server Monitor - Monitoring with your iPhone or AndroidDo you want to keep track of your servers and network devices from your iPhone or Android based phone? PA Server Monitor has a slick way to monitor on the go. iPhone and Android users can download and install the PA Server Monitor  app on their phone and then drill down into problem areas to get a live view of whats going on. The Overall server group health screen is a great place to start, you can sort the groups to see what kind of alerts are active and give those your attention by drilling down into the details. Once you’ve drilled down you can see performance graphs and critical troubleshooting information like event log details, disk space remaining and more, it’s all decided upon which monitors you choose to set up.  While viewing alerts, you can also choose to acknowledge them from the mobile app, this action will get sent to the central monitoring server and update the alert. All this is available right from your phone.

PA Server Monitor - All Servers Report

Extensive Reporting

Just about any kind of report you can think of can be created with PA Server Monitor. At a high level, there is an ‘All Servers’ that gives you a real heartbeat of what the status of your environment is, in fact, this particular report is often used by IT Operations where they will display it on large monitors in the operations center to keep on top of any issues that might arise.

It Performs Actions for You

What good is a monitoring tool if it can’t reduce your work load? PA Server Monitor can send customized emails, SMS and notification alerts based off of triggers you define. It can also restart services or execute a script that you write, that means that you can get it to take care of just about anything that you can get down to a repeatable scriptable set of actions.

If you want a convenient tool that offers you peace of mind and reduces your work load than I highly suggest you download a free trial of PA Server Admin today.

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