GFI Network Manager

An Enterprise Class Network Server Monitor

GFI Network Server Monitor is an enterprise class monitoring solution that offers out of the box monitoring for Windows Servers, Linux Servers,monitor SQL Server, Exchange, ISA Server, IIS and more. It supports custom monitor creation via ADSI, WMI and VBScript.

The system has been architected to allow up to 40 checks at a time and consists of a core network server monitor service and a management interface. Best of all, no agents need to be installed which saves you, the administrator time and reduces resource consumption on your servers.

When a failure is detected, it can alert you by email, SMS, pager, or even take a corrective action such as restarting a service, rebooting a server or running a script.

Network Server Monitor Features

  • Extensive Linux Server monitoring
  • Automatic corrective actions
  • Monitor remote event logs
  • Extend built in monitoring through VBScript and SSH
  • Enterprise application monitoring including Exchange 2000/2003, ISA server, and IIS
  • Support for monitoring Microsoft SQL Server, Access, FoxPro, Pardox, SyBayse, Informix, DB2 and more
  • Alert notification via SMS, pager, email or network message
  • Remote web monitor, check the status from anywhere in the world

One of the things that makes GFI Network Server Monitor different than other tools is that it actually tests services to ensure uptime rather than relying on generated events. This product is also easy to install and any Network Administrator will have it up and running with basic functionality very quickly.

Network Server Monitor Resources

Website: GFI Network Server Monitor
Pricing: Pricing

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