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 Monitoring of website up-time is imperative for websites to maintain a positive image with their clients and site visitors. If a site is sometimes or oftentimes offline or not accessible, there is a high probability that visitors will not return. The bottom line is if you have a website that is bringing in any money, you want it to be up all the time, that way you will be happy and so will your visitors. Reasons for downtime vary. It could be data center problems or outages involving servers. It could be overloading of servers, DNS problems, and a myriad of other pesky problems. These problems have to be solved quickly. But the only way to know if your site is experiencing these downtime problems involving your host, is to monitor the up-time and downtime of your site.

Website monitoring services notify site owners of problems with server downtime and also access problems involving your server or host. These monitoring services run in the background, and they check the website access from different locations and utilizing different protocols.

Following is a short list of some of the top free website monitoring services available online. There is also a short review provided of each service.

Basic State

free website monitoring from Basicstate
This is a free website monitoring service that allows checking of site availability every 15 minutes. If trouble accessing the site is encountered, instant alerts are sent by either email or SMS. Number of websites allowed to be monitored is unlimited. Up-time checks are made by several methods. Utilizing Basic State, you can also monitor e-commerce gateway services such as ad networks, various affiliate networks, and credit card processing services which tend to slow down your website loading or access at various times.

Basic State also offers a paid professional version called Exact State which offers advanced features such as more checks from different locations around the globe as well as the ability to monitor your commerce provider for availability.


This site lays claim to the title of “largest website monitoring service” and says that they have over 1 million active users in their database. The site checks your website from several remote locations at predetermined intervals. If your site is unreachable. you are notified via cellphone, or email or alerted by pager in order to notify you that a problem exists. Services offered vary and can be selected by the user. These include such things as monitoring of:

2)Links and Images
3)Site Availability
4)Site Transactions including financial
5)Site History


Montastic is a monitoring service with a sense of humor. Their motto is the “free website monitoring service that doesn’t suck”. This site monitoring service offers a few slight twists to the traditional service along with all of the standard email or smart-phone notifications if your site goes down. They also offer widgets via Mad and PC that will notify you of site problems. There is a limit of 100 websites allowed to be monitored. Supports is available for https and also port number. Websites are checked every 10 minutes from multiple locations, and then reports are sent to you should your site have any access problems.

Are my sites up?

This service will check up to 5 of your websites and it will attempt to access your sites 25 times each day from multiple locations. The emails and notifications you receive will detail the reason your site was down and the error message their service received when they attempted to access the site.

Are my sites up? Also has paid plans available, a turbo version which checks sites every minute starts at $7.95 a month and the premium service checks sites every 5 to 15 minutes starting at $35.00 per month. a free website monitoring service provides a free website monitoring service with a few customizable variables that make it somewhat unique. You can add tests for availability, server performance, add reports on up-time and also add different contacts you wish to be notified in case any problems arise with your site. The user friendly custom interface offered by is much slicker and more futuristic than that offered by some of the other free services, and this option makes this site a good choice if you are trying out different free website monitoring services.

Free Website Monitoring Services

Are a critical addition to your online business , since they allow you to make sure that your site is accessible to your users and visitors 24 hours a day. Do not forget that even though the above services are offered for free, there are alternatives that are paid which allow even more tight monitoring and unrestricted number of sites and reports.

Just make sure to remember that availability for your site is extremely important in keeping your site members or visitors happy. Make sure you check around and choose the best company to suit your needs.

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